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Natalie Cantwell

Natalie Cantwell

Office Manager and Business Development

Hello, I’m Natalie Cantwell. I work directly with Mitch and Bobby at ClientFirst Strategy, Inc., managing business development and the office. Previously I worked in the advertising industry; commuting into New York City for over twenty plus years. I even worked my way up to Vice President at a big ad agency…but times change, life changes, kids happen, parents get old and therefore, my priorities shifted. I wanted to spend less time commuting, working overtime, and spend more time with my family. I believe the wide range of knowledge gained through my previous work experiences have helped me develop the skills needed to help run and maintain such an amazing financial services business.

Mitch and Bobby truly care for their clients as individuals. Each client has distinctive goals and needs. I mean, who really wants cookie cutter financial direction anyway? Our clients receive a level of service that is top-notch and tailored to their personal needs. It is such a great feeling to work for a team that genuinely loves what they do. It is quite infectious. Each day there is excitement, good vibes, and a sense of accomplishment. This is why I enjoy working at ClientFirst Strategy.

Being a great listener, detail oriented and a good communicator are valuable qualities to me. I love to learn new things, whether it be website design, the latest dance craze or something as simple as to how to play the current trending video game. I find that a genuine smile or laugh can get you through the day.

I graduated college from Pace University in Pleasantville in 1992 with a bachelor of science in elementary education. I have two children, a dog and a bunny.