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1/25/2023 CNBC: High yields have investors piling into money market funds. Here’s what you need to know:

10/28/2022 Newsday: Stock market losses have you reeling? Experts offer tips to cope

9/28/2022 CNBC: The S&P 500 has fallen to a fresh 2022 low. Here’s what investors should do next

5/2/2022 CNBC: Rising rates, inflation and market volatility: Here’s how to manage challenging times

2/24/2022 Newsday: Russia-Ukraine conflict may mean higher prices on LI, economists say

2/22/2022 CNBC: Here’s how to keep emotion out of your investment decisions amid a volatile market

12/31/2021 CNBC: The bull market’s biggest hopes for 2022 are in the portfolios of wealthy young investors

12/29/2021 CNBC: Wealthy millennial investors plan to sell stocks in 2022. Here’s why

12/28/2021 CNBC: Wealthy investors want to own a little less of the everything bubble in 2022

11/29/2021: Wall Street rebounds after Friday's omicron panic

11/16/2021: As inflation rises, here’s where to find opportunities to make and save money

10/15/2021: LI Meme stock Paltalk goes on Wild Ride as social media posts spark interest

10/1/2021: Stocks are at a 70 year high as a share of household financial wealth

7/16/2021: Fed Chair Powell's term expires in 2022, giving Biden an opportunity to reshape the central bank

7/6/2021: LI 'blank-check company' to take vehicle charger maker Wallbox public

6/16/2021: Why Dow, S&P may not stay worried about Fed’s new inflation fear

4/21/2021 CNBC: More wealthy investors are going to cash, but millionaire market bears are still in the minority

1/29/2021 NBC: Redditors' declaration of war on hedge funds might be ugly, but it won't break the system, pros say

1/4/2021 NBC: Crystal ball is murkier than usual as Wall Street starts 2021

12/31/2020 NBC: A dismal economic year, unless you were on Wall Street

11/15/2020 CNBC: An effective vaccine could be the turning point for value stocks, but perhaps not just yet

10/28/2020 CNBC: Biden’s polling lead adds to market fears the economy will need to wait until next year for stimulus

10/13/2020 Newsday: Money Fix: Review where pandemic has left your finances before starting new year

10/3/2020 Newsday: The president's diagnosis: What Long Islanders are saying

10/2/2020 The New York Times: Do Politics Belong in Retirement Planning?

6/12/2020 CNBC: Dow rises more than 400 points, but Wall Street clinches biggest weekly loss since March

6/11/2020 Money:The Fed Plans to Keep Interest Rates Near 0% Through 2022. Here's What That Means for Retirees

6/6/2020 CNBC: All of a sudden, people are talking about a V-shaped recovery again: 'The stock market had it right'

5/8/2020 News12: Record setting unemployment rate

5/7/2020 News12: The Janet Jackson Stock Market!

4/28/2020 News 12: Why isn’t the stock market down with the economy?

4/20/2020 Financial Advisor IQ: Investor Myths About Volatility

4/1/2020 CNBC: Take these steps to ensure you’re saving for retirement the right way

3/26/2020 CNBC: 5 ways to ensure the coronavirus outbreak doesn’t cripple your retirement savings

3/3/2020 CNBC: Don’t let panic drive your investment decisions. Here’s how to get a grip on your emotions

2/28/2020 NBC: Stocks swoon, but panic-selling will only hurt your portfolio, experts say

2/28/2020 CNBC: A historically bad week for the market saw a little bit of everything, except panic

2/11/2020 NBC News: What happens to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell if Trump gets re-elected?

2/10/2020 The Wall Street Journal: Big Technology Stocks Dominate ESG Funds

2/3/2020 NBC: Coronavirus hammers Chinese stocks as economic toll mounts

1/14/2020 NBC: The Dow at 30,000: What investors need to know

1/13/2020 CNBC: Investing isn’t hard. Here are some free online tools to help you make more money

1/3/2020 NBC News: What's ahead for the economy and markets in 2020?

12/27/2019 NBC News: From bankruptcies to stock market highs, this was a decade of turnarounds

12/23/2019 CNBC: Where wealthy Americans think the market and US economy will be at end of 2020

12/13/2019 CNBC: A Trump impeachment bad for your finances? Depends on your politics

12/3/2019 NBC News: Stocks sink after Trump says China deal can wait

11/17/2019 CNBC: ESG index funds are hot. That may be a risky thing for investors

10/12/2019 CNBC: Investors are flocking to money markets at the highest rate since the financial crisis

9/27/2019 NBC News: Why investors don't need to worry about a potential Trump impeachment

9/10/2019 NBC News:How a no-deal Brexit would have ripple effects on U.S. companies

9/8/2019 CNBC: Apple cashes in on boom in debt refinancing. For Americans, especially homeowners, there’s a message

9/7/2019 CNBC: Your parents tell you to invest in bonds? They had no idea what was coming

8/23/2019 NBC News: Fed Chair Powell avoided triggering a market reaction — then came Trump

8/12/2019 CNBC: This is how much families are spending on back-to-school shopping

8/6/2019 CNBC: Not sure what to do amid this market volatility? Here are the answers to your top questions

7/23/2019 NBC News: Big week for earnings as Wall Street watches for weakness

6/28/2019 Barron's: Colleges Want Some of Your Retirement Cash. How to Keep That Money.

6/26/2019 CNBC: The first wave of millennials is about to turn 40. Time for a financial checkup

6/19/2019 CNBC: Despite positive tone from Fed, Wall Street still 'frozen' ahead of G-20

6/18/2019 CNBC: Beyond Meat’s massive run may be getting young investors into some bad stock market habits

6/3/2019 NBC: What are all these tariffs doing to your 401(k)?

5/15/2019 CNBC: As the China trade dispute drags on, Trump is still ‘playing with the bank’s money’

5/13/2019 TD Ameritrade Institutional: High times: Don't get burned by cannabis investing

3/24/2019 NBC: Trump nominates Federal Reserve critic Stephen Moore to serve on its board

3/12/2019 CNBC: Fire Warren Buffett? Investors obsessed with quarterly performance probably would

2/20/2019 CNBC: It's important to have the uncomfortable 'death' conversation with your advisor