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Thanks for stopping by. I’m Mitch Goldberg. Fifteen years into my career, 2005, I opened up a new firm named it after my clients – ClientFirst Strategy, Inc. Having two kids already, one more on the way, a mortgage to pay; there never was the perfect time to go out on my own. Luckily for me, I have an incredibly supportive wife and I had already built a loyal clientele. I’ll always remember speaking with them, one by one, about my plan. And I’ll never forget the faith they put in me when they supported my decision, without which I couldn’t have done it.

They came along for the ride because they understood immediately that the firm I was opening was their firm! It was all about them and for their gain from the very beginning. It was everything they wanted in a firm – unbiased advice, a highly experienced advisor, market intelligence, a networker, a really good listener and communicator, shunning of esoteric investment products, and above all, someone who is a human being first, a financial professional second. My father used to say to me “if you do business right, your customers will become your friends”. My mother used to say to me that “if you didn’t reach someone emotionally, you didn’t reach them”. Man O’ man, it’s amazing how these things make more sense than ever before.

Fast forward to today and ClientFirst Strategy, Inc. has grown into a nationally recognized name in the securities industry. It has always operated as a fiduciary before that moniker became a rallying call for independent financial advisors.

Personally, I believe in the old fashioned, personal touch that is so critical in developing deep relationships with clients, partners, and peers. But I also use the latest technology to communicate and to move quickly when an adjustment is required in a client’s investment portfolio, insurance policy, or financial plan.

Bull and bear markets are a fact of life for investors, but I don’t mark time by those. I do mark time with moments when my clients become parents and grandparents. When my clients drive their child to college for the first time, paid for with the investment account I helped them set up years in advance. When they get a promotion, when they move on to a new career, and even when they get fired. When they bought their first house, when they sold the house they raised their family in, and even when they move to a 55+ community. When they open their own business, when they sold their business, and when their kids officially took over the family business. When they inherited money. When they gifted money. When they lost a loved one. I have wept with some of them and occasionally, for some of them. I've seen clients, beautiful and highly intelligent people, become cognitively impaired. Engagement announcements, communions, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, weddings, fighting illnesses, funerals, and the list goes on. I've had a front row seat to their lives. Yes, it adds up to a lot of time that I've marked. It has been my absolute honor and privilege.

Anyway, this is what ClientFirst Strategy, Inc. is all about.