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This is the one thing that we all hope is a waste of money – insurance. We realize we're probably the only financial planners who you’ve ever heard say this, but that’s what makes us different. After all, we're also our own clients and we believe in having life and disability insurance personally.

Collecting on an insurance claim can only mean something bad happened. But it is also an important part of wealth management, just from the opposite side of asset management – protection of one’s assets as opposed to the accumulation of one’s assets. In fact, insurance is one part of the personal finance trio that makes up Wealth Management.

Our recommendation for your insurance needs is simply enough to cover your or your family’s future potential needs and no more than that. We’ll speak about your needs and determine what kind of insurance you need and how much benefit you’ll need. We’ll also include a talk about which kind of insurance is cost effective for your needs.

If you do decide to purchase life insurance through us, we’ll continue to monitor the policy so that you may be confident that your needs haven’t outgrown it. Many prospects we meet are either termed out or nearly termed out of their term-life insurance policies. Based on your health, it may be time to review the policy to decide if it is appropriate to convert it to a permanent policy or to purchase additional life insurance. Either way, I’m ready to advise you.

We've also developed a network of insurance experts who are available to us to help you find the right insurance products and strategies that are most appropriate for you no matter how complicated your needs are and no matter how much asset protection you may need.

You know it's important. And now it's faster and more cost effective than ever. 

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