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10/12/2019 CNBC: Investors are flocking to money markets at the highest rate since the financial crisis

9/27/2019 NBC: Why investors don't need to worry about a potential Trump impeachment

9/10/2019 NBC News:How a no-deal Brexit would have ripple effects on U.S. companies

9/8/2019 CNBC: Apple cashes in on boom in debt refinancing. For Americans, especially homeowners, there’s a message

9/7/2019 CNBC: Your parents tell you to invest in bonds? They had no idea what was coming

8/23/2019 NBC News: Fed Chair Powell avoided triggering a market reaction — then came Trump

8/12/2019 CNBC: This is how much families are spending on back-to-school shopping

8/6/2019 CNBC: Not sure what to do amid this market volatility? Here are the answers to your top questions

7/23/2019 NBC News: Big week for earnings as Wall Street watches for weakness

6/28/2019 Barron's: Colleges Want Some of Your Retirement Cash. How to Keep That Money.

6/26/2019 CNBC: The first wave of millennials is about to turn 40. Time for a financial checkup

6/19/2019 CNBC: Despite positive tone from Fed, Wall Street still 'frozen' ahead of G-20

6/18/2019 CNBC: Beyond Meat’s massive run may be getting young investors into some bad stock market habits

6/3/2019 NBC: What are all these tariffs doing to your 401(k)?

5/15/2019 CNBC: As the China trade dispute drags on, Trump is still ‘playing with the bank’s money’

5/13/2019 TD Ameritrade Institutional: High times: Don't get burned by cannabis investing

3/24/2019 NBC: Trump nominates Federal Reserve critic Stephen Moore to serve on its board

3/12/2019 CNBC: Fire Warren Buffett? Investors obsessed with quarterly performance probably would

2/20/2019 CNBC: It's important to have the uncomfortable 'death' conversation with your advisor

1/14/2018 Money: How to Keep Making Money When the Stock Market Crashes, According to Experts

12/28/2018 NBC: As markets gyrate: Don't panic, but don't dismiss the mayhem, either

12/24/2018 CNBC: Don't panic: Despite volatility, wealthy investors plan no money moves, CNBC survey says

12/11/2018 CNBC: Investors should be furious: 3 blue-chip stock buybacks that went horribly wrong

12/5/2018 CNBC: Why investors near retirement should fear the big yield curve inversion

11/30/2018 CNBC: Fed adds its voice to rising fears about retirement investor core bond holdings

11/13/2018 CNBC: With 65% of S&P 500 stocks in correction, you should be thinking about beat-up bonds

10/25/2018 CNBC: What investors need to know about going to cash during stock market corrections

10/16/2018 CNBC: Market gets back to basics with a rally that shows fundamentals still rule

9/27/2018 USA Today: Why marijuana stocks could mean big highs and lows for early investors

9/24/2018 CNBC: The Tilray Toll: 4 warnings for cannibas stock investors about buying into a new market bubble

9/17/2018 Newsday: Lehman Bros. collapse 10 years ago hit Long Island and the world

9/14/2018 CNBC: 10 years ago, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and triggered a recession. Could it happen again?

9/11/2018 CNBC: Oversold: The best core stock index fund for long-term investors may not be the Vanguard S&P 500

9/6/2018 CNBC: Merrill Lynch's U-turn on mandatory fee-based accounts proves not every investor wants handholding

8/31/2018 CNBC: An explanation of the yield curve- and why Trump's anger at the Fed isn't likely to change it

8/29/2018 Newsday: Board of LI company TSR Inc. adopts shareholder rights agreement

8/22/2018 NBC News: We are now officially in the longest bull market in history

8/20/2018 CNBC: The recent struggles of Bill Gross exemplifies the dangers of bond fund investing in today's volatile market

8/13/2018 CNBC: Long-term investor lessons for the Turkey economic crisis and emerging markets stock decline

8/7/2018 CNBC: The 4 questions that signal you are taking too much market risk

8/1/2018 CNBC: Vanguard Group begins an investing experiment that pushes free ETF trading to its limit

7/24/2018 MarketWatch: The big reason why retirees should cut down on stocks in portfolio

7/23/2018 CNBC: Millionaire investors signal that heavy focus on FANG stocks misses a bigger point about tech-sector earnings

7/20/2018 CNBC: The biggest risk in the bond market isn't rising rates or the Fed Vs. Trump. It's the inverted yield curve.

7/12/2018 CNBC: The hardest retirement question isn't about how much money you will need

7/2/2018 CNBC: America's wealthy are moving to cash as market enthusiasm hits a wall

6/1/2018 Newsday: Henry Schein. LI's largest public company, redesigns itself

5/24/2018 CNBC: Classic Dividend Stocks like P&G and Pepsi are tanking, but think before you sell them      

5/4/2018 CNBC:What to do if you're not Warren Buffett and buying more stocks doesn't look so great

4/30/2018 CNBC: Apple's plan to repatriate $285 billion in cash to the US could be a big boost for investors

4/24/2018 NBCNews: Most of your loans are based on the 10-year Treasury rate — which just hit its highest point in four years

4/22/2018 Newsday: IPO Planned by online grocer Tal Depot is rare event among Long Island-based companies

4/14/2018 CNBC: How the Stock market reacts to eanings will be telling

4/9/2018 CNBC: Selling Facebook stock for Amazon is a mistake: You can't outrun tech sector gravity

4/3/2018 CNBC: In market panic run on S&P 500, investors favor three stock and bond alternatives

3/28/2018 CNBC: Corporate profits expected to be highest in seven years, but that may not help stocks much 

3/22/2018 CNBC: Peak earnings may arrive sooner than expected

3/5/2018 Newsday: Long Blockchain tried to "mislead investors", Nasdaq says

3/5/2018 MarketWatch: Trade-war fears cast shadow over stock market

3/2/2018 CNBC: Here's the most alarming market messagae: So-called safe havens aren't so safe

2/27/2018 CNBC: Apple's surprising cobalt move signals a controversial buy on metal commodities

2/9/2018 CNBC: A rare market warning sign: People were finally investing in Dow right before it crashed

2/8/2018 CNBC: Going global and other ways to buffer your portfolio from stock market volatility

2/7/2018 Newsday: What you need to know about the stock market’s wild ride

2/6/2018 Newsday: LI advisers: Economy strong despite Dow drop

2/6/2018 MarketWatch: Why buying the dip may still be alive and well

2/5/2018 NBCNews: World markets tumble again as losses hit $4 trillion in 8 days

2/5/2018 CNBC: This ETF tracking Israel's hot cyberstocks is breaking out

2/1/2018 CNBC: The investment that's making the most compelling case in market right now: Cash

1/26/2018 Newsday: Applied DNA to track legal cannabis using DNA, blockchain

1/18/2018 CNBC: Stock market worst to first: 'Dogs of the World' strategy works