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ClientFirst Strategy is owned and operated by an Investment Professional with over 20 years of experience. This professional, Mitchell O. Goldberg, has worked directly with clients for the entire length of his career. What makes Mitch’s career so interesting is that he has served clients from a myriad of backgrounds and professions. Because of this opportunity, he has been exposed to all kinds of challenges faced by his clients every day. This has added immeasurably to his knowledge and experience, which he will utilize to help you achieve your goals while addressing your deepest concerns.

His goal is to make sure that his advice to his clients is always exactly aligned with their objectives. To do this, Mitch has built his practice on several critical services and functions. He is not trying to be all things to all people. He is, however; interested in working with clients who are striving to achieve realistic returns that are appropriate to their individual level of risk. He is a strong believer in that the more he knows about a client; the better he may serve the client. He believes that your best interests are well served with an individually tailored strategy, and not by using a generic one-size fits all approach. He’ll keep in touch with you throughout each year so that he’ll be up to date with any changes in your personal situation. He’ll recommend adjustments to your strategy, as needed, so that your portfolio will continue to reflect your personal situation.

What separates him from many of his competitors is that he is not beholden to a large corporate parent to push investments that are not well suited for you. This unbiased approach to serving your best interests may be the most critical element to achieving your goals. He recommends suitable investments with proven, long term track records. These track records typically exceed 15 years, which is one of the criteria that are very important to his practice. He watches over your investments. He ll review performance with you, and if needed, he’ll recommend replacing one or more investments in your portfolio if they are not meeting, or exceeding, expectations, with other suitable investments.