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Breaking Down Wall Street

At ClientFirst Strategy, Inc., we're not afraid to break with Wall Street tradition to make things better for investors. In fact, we do it all the time. We'll educate, share, and point out what no one else will tell you.

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11/30/2018: It's pretty obvious that tariffs hurt everyone, starting with the country that initiates them

11/28/2018: Are we really in a bear market?

11/16/2018: Amazon-mania hits NYC like a bat out of hell!

11/9/2018: If you want to invest in bonds, this is the way you need to think about them

11/5/2018: The midterm Election, dirty laundry, and the statistic investors need to know now

11/2/2018: Here's the stodgy, old Wall Street advice that I thank my lucky stars for ignoring

10/26/2018: Investors, in this crazy stock market, meet your new best friend

10/19/2018: Fatal Attraction

10/12/2018: Trump's new nemesis could spell doom for his economic agenda

10/5/2018: I just advised a client to sell everything in his account! Should you?

9/28/2014: Inside-the-box thinking when outside-the-box solutions are needed

9/21/2018: Warning: This is going to be a real Buzzkill to Cannibas stock investors

9/14/2018: Can we have another Lehman Brothers style stock market crash again?

9/7/2018: The road to hell

8/24/2018: What would a Trump impeachment mean for investors? This is serious business that needs an historical, unbiased perspective right now.

8/17/2018: Can the American economy keep soaring like an eagle when it flies with Turkeys?

8/10/2018: I'm crushing it this summer!

8/3/2018: 5 ways to hack the next stock market drop

7/27/2018: Connecting the dots

7/20/2018: What's the most important thing investors need to know right now?

7/13/2018: Investors are freaking out about this. Should you?

7/6/2018: Another one bites the dust

6/29/2018: We are witnessing a mass extinction of all kinds of businesses

6/22/2018: Here's the truth about Social Security being available for your retirement

6/15/2018: Here is the toughest question I ask my clients

6/8/2018: The 3 Most Important Words in the Life of an Investor

5/31/2018: Here's a situation where awareness could help you (or your parents) now

5/25/2018:Getting crushed - but is it time to buy those consumer stocks?

5/11/2018: This is how I explain to pre-retiree clients the biggest risk they face

5/4/2018: What to do if you're not Warren Buffett and buying more stocks doesn't look so great

4/27/2018: Warning: Safe havens aren't so safe

4/20/2018: By the Time this hits your inbox…  

4/13/2018: I've met a lot of successful people. They have these 6 traits in common

4/6/2018: Are big financial losses deadly? Short answer: Yes

3/30/2018: This goes way beyond Facebook. It's the defining issue of our time.

3/23/2018: Peak earnings may arrive sooner than expected (spoiler alert: that's not good)

3/16/2018: Is something broken?

3/9/2018: Goldilocks is back. For now.

3/2/2018: Here we go again!

2/23/2018: The Black Panther, Vibranium, and Apple's Cobalt mission

2/16/2018: If you blinked, you practically missed it!